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Etched Velvet Silk Scarf (Susy Collection)

Etched Velvet Silk Scarf (Susy Collection)


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Description: Etched silk velvet, with playful colours purple and green – painting of grapes. This lovely etched silk velvet scarf is limited. The scarf has a shiny design which is pure silk velvet. However the etching method makes the background synthetic as the solution will dissolve all natural fibres. The results give a lovely effect of movement. I can paint this in any two colours of your choice. An instruction pamphlet on different ways to tie your scarf will come with every purchase. Product Details : Scarf by Kerry Cline
  • Rectangle cut
  • Hand wash
  • Iron dry
  • Fringe ends 10cm
  • 100% rayon and velvet silk
  • 177×36 cm
  • Scarf is hand hemmed.
Instructions on how to maintain this scarf: Hand-wash, squeeze as much water out as possible, then iron dry the inside. Comb the fringes while wet, then iron dry, it will look like brand new. This dye will not run or fade with washing.

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Weight 0.03 lbs


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